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The accommodation the core service for each trip. Individuality, service quality and experiences are primary decision-making criteria for customers. But also more often the price and the additional activities offered by the accommodation.

Travel Bridge provides site evaluations, market, potential, competition, benchmark and SWOT analyzes as well as feasibility studies and profitability analyzes. Economic efficiency for small and medium-sized businesses is the main driver for us and our clients.

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Sustainable travel and tourism is on the rise: consumer demand is growing, travel industry suppliers are developing sustainable programs, and governments are creating new policies to encourage sustainable practices in tourism. But what does “sustainable tourism” really mean? Where is the value for small and medium sized asccomodations and services?

green travel transformation

The aim of the project is to significantly increase the share of more sustainable travel options in all booked travel products. Thus it is necessary that such travel products are visible (labelling) and bookable (within the information and booking systems). Targeted consultation by the travel agency staff regarding the realization of sustainable holidays can increase the sense of responsibility, efficiency and potentially sufficiency.

Sustainable Travel

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