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Welcome to Travel Bridge

The team of travel bridge builds bridges between source markets (customers or sales markets) on the one hand and the providers of the destinations, such as hotels, in /outbound agents and other service providers on the other. We rely on the strength of our partners, tour operators and travel agencies.

The Market

Tourism is a global market. People travel for different reasons and increasingly decisions are based on quality, safety and the unique experience factor. travel bridge helps small and medium-sized companies to make market access as effectively as possible. One of our priorities is the development of sustainable tourism. The former niche market "ecotourism" has become a mainstream market and, serving as the role model of tourism. Key success factors such as quality, authenticity and individuality are common components of the sustainable offering. Sustainable tourism products register double-digit annual growth rates not only in the German tourism market but also in Europe and the USA.

The Solution

travel bridge offers a range of services from communication with a focus on marketing up to technical solutions for accommodation sector, in-/outbound agencies, tourist service providers, tour operators, and travel agents to online travel agents.

We know the needs of our customers and take advantage of the experience accumulated over more than 25 years in the sector. We invite you to learn more about travel bridge, about our offer and our services.

We are pleased if you contact us personally with any questions.


Stephan Busch

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